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Oren Lewis owns and operates St Charles Appliance Repair in St Charles MO and surrounding areas. We strive everyday to find advantageous solutions for our clients when the appliances they depend on break down. We know that we can save you time and money. Oren conducts all our service calls, and they will ensure that your appliances are in excellent working condition. Oren answers the phone, schedule, and do all the service and appliance repair work.

Oren Lewis is a very qualified repair technician. He is an excellent, thorough, and trustworthy technician. He is a wonderful family man. He and his wife Melanie Lewis have nine children, they are loving and caring parents.


What do our Customers saying about us?

  • This is a wonderful company, Oren is always on time & dependable. I have used their services several times with no complaints.
    S. Turner
  • Oren, Thanks for the professional service!!
    B.J. McConnel
  • My dishwasher was not getting my dishes clean. I called Oren and had him come fix my dishwasher. He was prompt in getting here, and had my dishwasher cleaned out and repaired in no time. Thanks Oren for your good work.
    Sheri N.
  • Thank you SO MUCH for your services yesterday. The Dryer works great (actually better than before). We will definitely call upon you again for any appliance work. Feel free have anyone call me for references.
    Patrick - Wentzville Missouri.
  • Thank you for your fast response and excellent service!!!! My wife was VERY happy!!!!

Our Goal is to make appliance repairs worth it.

modern kitchen interior

Appliances are a mandatory requirement of modern living. Our homes are full of high utility appliances that make our life a lot easier. Can you imagine what a regular day would be like if you did not have a refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner, a gas stove or an air conditioner? Well, that is the power of appliances in our lives.

Whether you have a large mansion or a small apartment, you need a certain number of appliances to live comfortably. They bring convenience to our lives by providing fast and efficient outcomes to shorten the time of daily chores. We simply cannot live without appliances!

repairman working on a refrigerator

Professional Refrigerator Services

If your fridge is not as efficient as you want it to be or it has completely stopped functioning, one or more parts might be broken. This is where professional refrigerator repair services come in. St. Charles Appliance Repair is a professional appliance repair services company providing the best refrigerator repair services. Oren is highly trained, licensed and experienced and he has worked on refrigerators for a long period. He continues receiving specialized training which is geared towards keeping him up to date with modern refrigeration technology to serve his clients better and satisfactorily.

repairman working on a washing machine

Washers bring a lot of convenience to our lives and this is why you should ensure that you use fast repair services when they break down. At St. Charles Appliance Repair, we offer fast, same day services which are geared towards providing immediate services. You will not have to deal with the problems another day.

All Types Of Repair Services

It does not matter what type your washing machine is, whether it is a top loading, stackable or front loading, we will repair and services it. Oren is trained and experienceed in handling different brands and models and you will not have to worry about your washer type. He continues training to make sure that he is up to date with the latest washing machine models and technology.

repairman working on a dishwasher

Dishwashers offer great convenience in a home. You just throw in all the dirty dishes and sit back, relax and wait for the washer to clean them. You only know the importance of your dishwasher when you are washing your dishes by hand when the dishwasher breaks down. If this happens, you will be in good hands at St. Charles Appliance Repair. This is a professional appliance repair company dedicated to providing high quality appliance repair services.

Since the Dishwasher is such an important part of your everyday activities, you need it to be fixed fast and professionally when it breaks down. If you are dealing with cloudy drinking glasses and long washing cycles that are increasing your utility bills, you need to call the appliance repair experts to deal with your dishwasher problem. You should not let your dishwasher cause you stress or spoil your day when Oren is a phone call away.

stove repair

Dining out at a restaurant has become a rare occurrence for many as the prices are simply too high, especially if you have a large family. Many people are preparing meals at home to stay within their budget, which means they are relying on their appliances more and more. If your oven is not working properly it can be very difficult to complete the preparation of your meal. You are going to need the expertise of an oven repair specialist.

Now all you need to do is to figure out which company to call. Many will locate a listing of appliance repair companies and choose the first one that pops up, which may end up being a huge and costly mistake. Give us at St Charles Appliance Repair a call, Oren has the knowledge and expertise to get you cooking again in no time!

modern kitchen with microwave

When it comes to preparing a meal, the microwave is an important appliance that must work properly; without the ability to cook, and the high prices for dining out, you are left with very few options. Residents in O'Fallon who are faced with this dilemma are going to need a microwave repair specialist.

While a few people may opt to try and do the repair themselves or hire a mobile handyman in an attempt to save money, the truth is that you often end up creating additional problems and spending more than you would have if you had called a specialist.

Since cooking is an integral part of most people’s daily routine, having your microwave repaired quickly is a top priority. Before you select the first company that pops up, it would be wise to take the time to give us a call. St Charles Appliance Repair will save you time, money and aggravation in the long run.

Garbage disposal

Whether you are right in the middle of preparing, or cleaning up after a meal, you have probably become accustomed to placing discarded waste in the sink. Then, you reach for the switch to send it through the disposal and nothing happens. It is little things like this that can often end up being the last straw, especially if you have had a particularly difficult day. For those who reside in Missouri, the solution to the problem is to contact a professional garbage disposal repair company.

Before you randomly select from the numerous companies out there, it would serve you well to do a bit of research beforehand and save yourself time, aggravation and money instead of making an uninformed choice. If you are not located in a major city, you will need to make sure the garbage disposal repair company services your local area. Check out Service area page to see if St. Charles Appliance Repair is the right service for you.

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