Not addressing trouble signs from your disposal can lead to product failure and expensive plumbing repairs. We can assess and repair your garbage disposal today.

Whether you are right in the middle of preparing, or cleaning up after a meal, you have probably become accustomed to placing discarded waste in the sink. Then, you reach for the switch to send it through the disposal and nothing happens. It is little things like this that can often end up being the last straw, especially if you have had a particularly difficult day. For those who reside in O'Fallon, the solution to the problem is to contact St Charles Appliance Repair.

Before you randomly select from the numerous companies out there, it would serve you well to do a bit of research beforehand and save yourself time, aggravation and money instead of making an uninformed choice. If you are not located in a major city, you will need to make sure the garbage disposal repair company services your local area. Check out Service area page to see if St. Charles Appliance Repair is the right service for you.

Do they offer same day service, seven days a week? This is an important aspect if you want your repair completed as quickly as possible and a company that offers this service understands their customer’s needs and busy schedules. Is the company dependable and committed to customer satisfaction? At St Charles Appliance Repair, Oren will be happy to answer your questions and he is able to repair most all major makes and models.

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